Basic Blogging Tips for the New Blogger

A blog is an online publication of thoughts, opinions, and commentaries of the blogger. The blogger, on the other hand, is the person who maintains and posts entries in the blog. It is currently the hottest trend in online communication, as nearly everyone has read, commented on, or written a post.

An internet savvy individual may have no problem navigating the interesting and intriguing world of blogging. A cyber space novice, on the other hand, may require some steering directions. Below are some helpful tips for the new blogger in setting up their brand spankin’ new territory in the world wide web.

1. What type of blog do you want

There are basically 4 blog types. One is the most basic of all blogs where only texts are posted. Another one is the photoblog, where text is combined with pictures (the blogger gives more importance to the photographs rather than his textual message). One more type is the vlog, where online videos are the main media for communication. A popular site for vloggers is YouTube.Com. Lastly, we have the podcast. The podcast is an audio blog where the blogger actually speaks and saves his entry in a downloadable format, rather than in writing down his thoughts. Or a combination of two, three or all of those types of blogs.

2. Know the parts of your blog

Each entry customarily consists of the title, the body, and the post date. It helps your reader if they can follow a certain pattern (by title, by date, by category) in reading your blog entries. The presentation becomes much more organized and inviting to read.

3. Create a theme

Although blogging boasts of letting loose a person’s creativity, it does not hurt to establish a certain topic or niche for your blog. It may be about travel, current events, movie reviews, or whatever you may like. The important thing is to stick to your topic to assist your readers in understanding and following your blog as a whole.

Most readers prefer to search and read about a particular blog that talks about a topic that they are interested in.

4. Watch your words

Your blog is your own. You have the power to say whatever you want. However, it is important to keep in mind that publishing it online gives access to just about everybody to read it. Because of that, in cases where you are touching a sensitive or controversial topic, it is still best to exercise prudence and precaution. Be careful of what you are posting about other people and other things.

Blogging is the newest way of linking people together. With consideration and responsibility, it is not far off that it will be the most powerful tool in human communication.

So have fun and keep those creative juices running. Blog away!


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