Blog Noob Help: Free Blog Services Review

Ever heard of blogging? Not? You’ve been sleeping in a cave for ages then! Blogging is the operative word for the maintainance of a blog or web log. A web log used to be known as an online journal only. Now it’s also a great online marketing tool. Newbies in the blogosphere or community of bloggers need not rush with anything drastic if they would like to try this activity.

Though it’s a growing trend to get a domain name registered and buy a hosting package for advanced bloggers, free blog platforms or software can be easily availed.

Here are 5 of the most popular free blog services and how many expert bloggers perceive them:

1. Get Spotted with Blogger or Blogspot

This is one of the most straightforward WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) blog platforms nowadays. However, if you are not an HTML-gifted geek customizing your Blogger web log might become a bit difficult if you’re not satisfied with the free templates it offers.

2. Get a Life with Livejournal

Many personal bloggers are obsessed with Livejournal. Signing up as a Livejournal blogger is relatively easy. An option to go premium wherein more features are offered is also available with Livejournal.

3. Go Gaga with Xanga

Web-based and premium versions of Xanga blog platform can also be availed. Like Livejournal, it supports a community-based blogging interface wherein you can include other Xanga bloggers as your audience.

4. Get Your Word Heard with WordPress

It is one of the most well-developed blog platforms that cater even to the most advanced bloggers. With its many versions, upgrades are easily acquired. Private or pass-word protected posting and file uploading are possible with WordPress. Search engine optimizers who are trying to get more increased traffic flow can also benefit from WordPress’ easy-to-optimize interface. Many blogging gurus use WordPress for their blogs.

5. No More Just Plain Clean Slates with Tabulas.

It is one of the less popular but increasingly getting more users types of blog platforms. Tabulas is almost like Xanga and Livejournal and thrives on community-based blogging feat. It also has a “friends only” posting option that can make your blog posts REALLY private.

Choose wisely from the above blog service choices. Knowing your needs first and gauging your blogging skills will help you make an informed decision as to which to use as a blog platform.


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