Blog Promotion Tip: Put an RSS Button on Your Blog

A web log, or commonly known as blog, used to be just an online journal where most teenagers and voyeurs take note of their daily misfits and whatnots. Now, it has become one powerful marketing device that is taking online marketing to new levels. Thanks to its easy-to-use and update-able interface, it has become the favorite of many.

If you’d like to keep your blog a secret, it’s your call and adding an RSS feed button or link to it is not necessary. But if you are one of the many marketers who are dying to promote their blogs, then an RSS feed button will suit your blog very well.

By the way, what is an RSS, you might ask? RSS usually stands for “really simple syndication” but it could also stand for “rich site summary” or just about any other thing that geeks can think of.

But the very essence of RSS is to provide busy readers a method to grab info from a blog or a website in an XML or Atom form. With RSS feeds, readers can passively know if a website or blog, whose feed they grabbed, has just been updated or not. When new info pops up from their RSS feed reader or aggregator, the application that aggregates and allows people to read the RSS feeds which convey the updated info from a blog or website, that signals that a blog has just been posted with fresh content.

How do you put an RSS button or just about any form of RSS feed that readers can capture just in case they want to read more from your blog without having to visit your blog any time they wish to?

Go pay a visit to RSS feed sites such as Feed Burner or Feed Blitz and see the instructions on how to get your blog’s feed burned and presented in an easy to subscribe to form.

Usually, the steps include typing in your blog’s URL on a certain feed burning box. Then, you will be prompted to choose what URL you would like to use when presenting your RSS feed. After a few seconds, the Feed site that provided your blog with an RSS feed form will confirm that you can give out that chosen URL as your blog’s RSS feed URL.

To facilitate your blog’s RSS feed presentation to readers, all you have to do is tweak your blog’s template or theme and include the codes that the RSS feed site provided for your blog’s RSS URL. Feed Burner has this orange chicklet form of feed link. Others have colored (usually orange) rectangular buttons with XML or RSS on them.


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