Blogging Gurus Every Aspiring Blogger Should Learn From

Yeah sure! You’ve had enough of Blogging 101’s and other Blogging for Noobs reads. You already know what blog platform to choose, how often to post, what blog accessories or plug-ins to integrate to your blog, and what niche exactly you would like to talk about. You’re about to start blogging away. Actually, you have already started posting your pillar articles for your niche blog.

But you feel that there’s something missing. You want to learn from an expert what those dozens of PDF e-books on blogging can’t teach you. So, yeah, you want to know more about the blogging gurus that can help walk you through a more fulfilling blogging experience. Then, hear ye, here are some of the most talk of the town, er blogosphere, pros of blogging in their most celebrated fields:

Business Blogging Gurus

Andy Wibbels who claims himself to be the original blogging evangelist has developed many teleclasses and even a book on how to go about blogging to promote a business. He even collaborated with other media bloggers to augment his blogging pro status and endeavors.

Matt Cutts and Robert Scoble are two successful corporate blogging experts, Matt Cutts is from Google while Scoble is from Microsoft. They’re two of the most well-known bloggers of the companies that hire them.

Yaro Starak is a self-employed pioneer of entrepreneurial blogging through his Entrepreneur’s Journey Blog. He also created an online tutorial on how to build traffic for your blog and is also currently co-blogging with other business bloggers with his Small Business Branding blog.

Seth Godin is also another marketing expert blogger with his Typepad blog. He is also a published writer of marketing books.

Personality Development Blogging Gurus

Steve Pavlina who claims to be a happily jobless and purpose driven individual is one of blog celebs in the field of personality development. If you go visit his blog, you’ll find innumerable enlightening blog posts on every personality development topic imaginable, e.g., self-discipline, becoming an early riser, productivity, reasons why should not get a job, self-acceptance, etc.

Blog Monetization Guru

Problogger coiner Darren Rowse is one of the pioneers of blogging for income. With his problogger web log he teaches many people on how earn some extra or even a decent income from maintaining blog/s.

Choose from the abovementioned bloggers whose footsteps you want to follow. Or you can also become one unique and successful blogger by getting established in your own turf. Good luck!

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