Blogging Popups: Pest or Necessity?

Almost, if not all, Internet surfers would automatically say “NO TO BLOGGING POPUPS” like the way we don’t even hesitate to advocate “NO TO DRUGS” protests. They don’t care even if 1% of these blogging popups are actually beneficial for them.

For once and for all, however, let’s find out the truth: are blogging popups pests, necessities, or both?

Blogging Popups as Pests

Most blogging popups – especially the old-fashioned ones – are very annoying. It’s very frustrating to have to repeatedly click the X button. We wouldn’t have to do it if the information from blogging popups is interesting or at least relevant but since it’s almost never either of those, your mouse ends up on the CLOSE icon.

When there are too many blogging popups that appear in one blog, readers may be ultimately and permanently dissuaded from making return visits on that site. When that happens, the chain of tragedy affects the blog owner as well.

Blogging Popups as Necessities

The benefits of blogging popups are primarily on the blog owner’s sites although this doesn’t happen most of the time. Mostly, blogging popups are advantageous for the companies being advertised by the popups and them alone.

The only way blog owners can benefit from these popups is when they have an arrangement with the advertisers: they can, for instance, agree at a mutual fee for every blog reader that clicks on the link appearing in the popup.

How to Get Rid of the Virtual Menace

These options are purely for blog readers alone:

Popup Blocker – You can have the latest mode installed in your PC; this program will ensure that most of your time reading blogs will be spent peacefully and unhindered by irritating blogging popups.

Aggregator – With an aggregator, you wouldn’t have to visit one blog after another and consequently be bothered by any of the blogging popups those blogs contain!

A Possible Solution to the Blogging Popup Dilemma

Since ultimatums or all-or-nothing alternatives rarely work, it’s best that blog owners and even blog readers alike reach an amicable compromise, which may be in the form of the newest mode of blogging popups.

With its most recent makeover, blogging popups now appear like they’re almost part of the page. That alone makes it less irritating by half.

Blog owners, if they’re allowed to have a say, should ascertain that popups in their sites are relevant to their blog content. Blog readers, on the other hand, should try their best to refrain from being biased: if you find a blogging popup that interests you, don’t spite your nose to cut off your face.

Good luck with those popups!


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