Choosing Plugins or Add-ons for Your Blog

Blog plugins are blog accessories that blog owners include in their blogs for either aesthetic or functional purposes. Bloggers that maintain web logs for the sake of expressing their daily rants and raves with no other specific purposes may choose plugins that will more or less just beautify their blogs for the eyes of other readers.

Keepers of online diary usually prefer flash images or cutesy fonts and transition effects that might wow readers that like those fancy blog plugins. However, if one is blogging for the purpose of promoting his or her business or is involved with corporate blogging, that blogger might prefer plugins that might accomplish other functional uses.

Blogs that are for online marketing will benefit more from plugins that help track traffic movement. These blog add-ons are usually in the form of hit counters that are either in their simplest kinds such as those that only track daily visits, or in more complex types such as those track unique hits and pageviews at the same time.

Many corporate bloggers pursue more ways to increase their readership. Plugins such as those that display related posts or links to previous or next articles can help in this endeavor. Other add-ons that can augment one’s effort in increasing traffic are trackback and pinging configurations that inform a blog whether a post or a number of its posts is being talked about or posted about on other blogs. RSS feed buttons are also popular add-ons that allow readers to subscribe to the blog’s updates.

To manage a blog more easily a dashboard plugin is available and it comes with features that enhance the blog owner’s blog management experience.

If a blogger gets annoyed with too much spam comments, spam trackers that can quarantine these spam comments at once are the best friends of these bloggers with blogs plagued with spam comments.

Bloggers that post to different blogs may want their customized signatures on their every post. This will help in giving credit to the author of a post. Plugins that make this signature always attached to every post are also available.

The trick is to first know your blogging needs before adding any accessories to your blog. Whether you want to make your blog more pleasing to the eyes of your readers or would want to increase your traffic, deciding first what works for your blog and testing your options will make this endeavor more successful.


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