How Blogging for Fun Can Bring You Extra Profit

As the blogosphere continues to expand at an astounding rate, bloggers cannot help but look into the potential of blogs to generate income. Although debates still rage on about the legality of profit making through blogging, more and more bloggers are jumping into the bandwagon of blogging for profit.

It is great when you can turn a much loved pastime into tangible income. Bloggers who are very enthusiastic about their topics can double the satisfaction in knowing that they are earning at the same time.

Here are some ways on how blogs can create income:

1. Advertisements

It is a well known fact that all businesses need to advertise. Their target clients must first know about them before they can successfully sell their product or service. For a blog that spawns strong traffic, this is a convenient tool to make money. Check out BlogAds or Google’s Adsense on how your popular blog can attract companies to advertise in your site.

2. Affiliate Programs

This is basically a tool used by an e-business to broaden their reach in the market. Your blog will become an “affiliate” in advertising and selling their products. Every product ordered and bought through the use of your site will earn you money. A popular example of this is the Amazon Affiliate Program of Amazon Books.

3. Selling Products or Services

This type of blogging for profit requires much credibility and a massive following. Only when you have established your reputation as a reliable and well liked blogger can you effectively sell anything on your site. If you immediately broadcast your hawking intentions without building up your readers, you are in danger of being dismissed by the Weblog community.

4. Sponsorships

This is a variety of advertising wherein sponsors get a position in your blog and other benefits from your blog. Well known examples of blogs that use sponsorships are the Silicon Valley Watcher and Infineon Watch.

More than a hobby, blogging now offers convenient and low-cost ways of earning extra money. The simple steps in linking to other blogs to draw more audience appeal has made reaching target markets so much easier.

However, every blogger must be careful when converting their blogs into part time jobs. When writing purely for fun, motivation never ceases and the ideas just keep coming. When writing has evolved into a “must” basis, the blogger can experience dullness in writing. It is important to strike a balance between the two and to maintain the original charm of your blog that has captured your audience in the first place.


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