How to Generate Traffic to your Photoblog

You have always loved taking beautiful pictures – in your travels, at home, on the subway, even in the ugliest, most depressing places you’ve been to, you find yourself able to take stunning and meaningful pictures. And while you have no intentions of pursuing a career in photography, every now and then you wish for a bit of an audience for your pictures. To your delight, you have recently discovered that with the internet, you can easily get an audience for your photographs by putting up a photoblog.

A photoblog is basically like a regular blog, only instead of mainly using text and writing to publish posts, a photoblog author uses his photographs to tell stories and communicate emotion. It is a powerful tool of communication, but at the same time, it is also a great way for budding photographers and photography enthusiasts to share their pictures to a global audience.

It took you all of ten minutes to set up your photo blog, and pretty soon you were posting your photographs. Weeks pass and you continue to post your pictures, religiously updating your photoblog. You soon realize, however, that your blog isn’t getting a lot of traffic, and the audience that your photoblog is getting, is you and the few clicks of your friends and family. But you want a bigger audience – you want to share your pictures to the world, and you can only do it by increasing traffic to your blog. How do you do that, you ask? Read on to get some tips on how to increase traffic to your photoblog.

The best way to get traffic to your photoblog is to toin a Photoblog Network. A photoblog network, much like a blog network, is a group of photoblogs that share web traffic and hits amongst its members. The photoblog network also serves as a place where you can get your photoblog listed among other photoblogs. To join a photoblog, all you have to do is fill out a form and provide a link on your site to the network’s main address, and you’re all set. is a website that provides resources for photobloggers. On this site, you can get your photoblog listed in their directory, providing opportunities for visitors to click on over to your site. You can also browse through the directory to search for other photoblog sites that you as a photography enthusiast may find interesting.

By joining a photoblog network, not only are you promoting your website to other like-minded individuals, you are also able to satisfy your interest in photography by seeing the work of others. So search the internet for all the photoblog networks you can find, and sign up.


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