Monetization Tips for Your Blog

Who wouldn’t want to earn some cash from his or her blogging efforts? Definitely not you, right? In this fast-paced life many would surely appreciate spreading their income sources and that includes their trusty blogs.

So, how do you actually go about making money from your blog? Blog monetization, in terms of profitability depends on what kind of blog you are maintaining. If it is a personal blog with posts on almost anything under sun, the monetization process may take more effort than niche blogs that only tackle one field or niche. But if you are popular enough, talking even just about your Chihuahua will still make you earn some moolah.

Now, if you’re not Paris Hilton, here are some tips on how monetize your blog:

1. Put some value to your blog first.

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A blog is not worth monetizing if it’s all crap. If it’s a bunch of ummms and ahhhs, like some dumb@45 owns it, attempts to earn from it might be too rigorous. So, do your best on putting some helpful information in it. Don’t be too fickle-minded when blogging as this will make people forget about your blog. If you want more traffic (which should be your major goal if you want more revenue for your blog), post regularly.

2. Promote your blog like there’s no tomorrow.

But don’t be a spamming clown. Others try the backfire method of making their blogs known through leaving spam comments to other blogs. This usually annoys other bloggers and you may even end up in their banned lists. Participating with other blogs through giving out resourceful reactions will do the trick. Forums and other e-groups can help you in this endeavor, too.

3. Put in the money-making products.

Sell your products through your blog or help others sell their products through referral or affiliate programs. Displaying pay per click advertisement links can also augment your monetization feat. Google Adsense, Clicksor and YP are some of the best PPC program candidates. Amazon and E-bay have affiliate programs that might boost your income from your blog.

Have you established your blog well enough that links from your blog could be of great value to other e-businesses or bloggers? You might want to consider selling text links. TLA or Text Link Ads, Text Link Brokers and Adbrite are some of these text link markets that can help you sell your precious link spaces.

Those tips should arm you well enough on how work it out on your blog monetization endeavor.


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