Starting Your First Blog with Typepad

Typepad is one of the most popular blogging services available on the Internet. It offers a comprehensive range of services and one of the most active and well-supported communities around. If you are looking for a blog service that has had years of experience behind it, and has a name that everyone trusts and looks forward to browsing with, then Typepad is your blogging service of choice.

The History of Typepad.

Typepad was started by programmers at Six Apart, Ltd. It was launched as a commercial online blogging service in 2003 and has from there exploded into the largest paid online blogging service around. While some people find Typepad intimidating because of the required payment, it makes up for this by offering services that other free or even paid blogs do not.

Also, Typepad boasts of a huge community, which even includes large corporations and companies. This is one other reason while people definitely love to stick with Typepad – they are in good company. Also, the fact that Typepad made it their mission to appeal to non-technical users has bolstered its reputation among those who are not Internet savvy.

Typepad offers three levels of subscription, each varying in services offered and features. This means that if you are keen on choosing Typepad for your blogging needs, you will first need to know which subscription matches your marketing or blogging needs. Also, Typepad offers a 30-day free membership trial for new subscribers. If you do not wish to continue your subscription, you may cancel within this 30-day trial period.

How to Set Up Your Typepad Blog.

Setting up your Typepad blog is as simple as 1 2 3. In fact, you will be able to set up your blog in as little as ten minutes. All you have to do is sign up for their services and you are good to go. First of all, upon sign up, you will be asked common sign up questions such as name, address, user name and user password. You will also be asked to include your preferred URL to your blog.

From here, you will have to supply your credit card information. The credit account gets charged the subscription if you do not cancel it within the 30-day free trial period. You will also get to choose between the Basic, Plus, and Pro subscription rates. There are certain advanced features only available for the Plus, and Pro options. Among these is the ability to tweak the CSS and HTML codes of the resulting blog.

After this and a few preliminary verifications, you are off to creating your blog. With Typepad, creating and maintaining a blog is simple yet powerful.

Creating Your First Blog

You will notice from the onset that using the Typepad interface is intuitive and simple. Typepad implements a WYSYWIG interface that allows you to create a blog in the image of your desires. Creating an attractive using this interface is simple yet powerful. It is a bit like using Microsoft Word to create a layout and design that agrees to your creative juices.

Typepad also uses a drag and drop interface that makes modifying the styles used in a blog simple and intuitive. As mentioned earlier, Typepad is a simple yet powerful interface. This makes it ideal for even first-timers. For advanced users, Typepad offers tweaking options and the ability to delve into the blog code itself to customize the design.

Posting pictures is simple; you can even use images from popular online image banks such as Photobucket and others. The design interface makes dragging, dropping, and inserting images a snap. All, you know have to do is tend to your blog and watch it grow. And, while you get better at your blogging and HTML skills, you may want to learn a bit more HTML so that you can totally personalize your Typepad blog.

Typepad also allows for moblogging or blogging using your mobile devices. It even interfaces smoothly with the Nokia series blogging services.

In the end, if you are looking for an easy to use, yet powerful blogging service then Typepad is your choose. Not only does it offer service befitting its price, it also hosts some of the most powerful blogs around. This is the best blogging service for beginning blog users and even serious marketing specialists.


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