The Blog Business: How to Succeed with a Blog Network

It took you long, sleepless days of non-stop work to get your blog up and running. In your opinion, it’s a hit – with its nice, edgy design and your read-worthy entries, it’s got what every blog surfer could ask for. You’ve even set up ads on your blog, in the hopes that it will make you some extra money.

Unfortunately, after a week or so, you realize that your blog is not getting a lot of visitors…

It might have to do with the fact that not a lot of people know about it to begin with – the only advertising that you’ve done for your blog is to post a few messages on your member forums, announcing that you have set up your official home on the web. Your posts might have invited a few internet surfers to click on over to your site, but you don’t think it’s enough, and that your blog deserves much more visitors than it is currently receiving.

The answer to your desire for increased blog traffic is in blog networks.

Simply put, a blog network is a wide number of different blogs, made by different individuals, that are linked together under one group. The usual purpose of teaming up with other blogs is so that the team’s or network’s member blogs are able to share the traffic among their blogs. When you sign up for a blog network, you are almost 100% assured that the traffic in your blog will increase.

From another perspective, a blog network is really a marketing tool for blogs, which allows blog authors to cross-promote each other. With the technology behind blogs, it’s easy to “endorse” another person’s blog, and vice versa – a simple comment or shout-out on a blog can be a starting point of cross-promotion deals, in which the blog’s author and the blog’s visitor can decide to provide a link of each other’s blogs on their own corresponding sites. Blog networks are made out of these activities.

How do you succeed with a Blog Network? First, you must look for a blog network whose member blogs have the same content or interests as yours. This way, you’ll know that the traffic you will get from these blogs are readers who are most likely interested in what you’re posting. The next thing to do is to make friends. See, the bottom line in succeeding with a blog network is that it is much like succeeding in your social networks: you must be able to let other blogs put in a good word for your blog. A simple concept, but definitely not as simple to pull off.


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