The Lowdown on Mobile Blogging Basics

It’s official – you’re the ultimate blog geek. You have been doing it for nearly two years now, posting entries on your personal blog almost every other day for the reading pleasure of quite a handful of your blog’s loyal fans. Lucky for you, your day job permits you to go online every so often within a day to check your blog and constantly put updates about your life, your thoughts, and your strange experiences.

But one day at work, you sit in front of your computer and type in the address of your blog, only to discover that the address has been blocked by administration. Apparently, there is a new rule that prohibits employees from accessing blog sites while they are at work.

One of the main reasons why you started a blog was so that you could have a place to vent out your frustrations about work, other people, and life in general. And a seemingly unfair rule that prohibits employees to visit blog sites is just the kind of frustration that you revel in ranting about on your blog. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem possible anymore.

Set aside your blogging blues for a second and read on, because here is some interesting information that we think you would find quite useful: the fact is, using a computer and the internet is not the only way to post on your blog. Thanks to technology, you can also compose and publish your blog entries through your mobile phone anytime, anywhere! Called mobile blogging, it is continuously gaining popularity as more and more individuals are getting hooked on what is also known as “moblogging”.

Can’t wait to get blogging on your mobile phone? Before you do, here are some tips on mobile blogging basics.

1. First things first: sign up for a blog that has mobile blogging capabilities.

2. Sign up for a new email account. Preferably, you are only to use this account for your mobile blogging activities.

3. Set up your weblogging software so that it will regularly check your email account for messages and emails to post.

4. Start moblogging! All you have to do is use your mobile phone to send messages or posts to your email account. The weblogging software that you set up will then be waiting for these emails, which the weblogging software is programmed to automatically post on your blog once it receives them.

So keep your blog juicy and updated whenever, wherever you are, with just a phone in hand and heaps of ideas. Start moblogging now!


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