The Pros and Cons of Blogging

Blogging has taken freedom of expression to another level. Not only does it give the user the opportunity to voice feelings and opinions to a small group but it is also capable of reaching others in different parts of the globe.

Take for instance the recent crisis in the Middle East. If the audience wants to know more about the escalating violence, the person can just log into one of these sites and read eyewitness accounts from those who are enduring the bombing instead of getting biased reports from those that come out in the news.

Putting up a blog site has pros and cons. Anyone who wants to put up one should know these before deciding to push through with it.

First timers who want to create one can log into a website and download a template for free. The person will only shell out money later on when this becomes successful. The money used to pay the developer for the upgrades comes from the revenue generated through advertising.

The blog provides an informal venue where the writer and the reader can exchange opinions on a certain issue. This is better than websites, wherein the public can only read and not offer comments or suggestions.

In order to keep the readers interested, the individual must regularly write about one’s niche. This doesn’t have to be done everyday but this should be done constantly to keep the readers coming back for more.

Another nice thing about blog is that these are easy to maintain. There is no need to hire a professional to check on it unlike websites that need constant supervision to make sure it is running perfectly.

Now that, some pros have been mentioned, it is time to talk about the cons.

The challenging part of constant updates is that the blogger may not always be in the mood to write about anything. The individual can probably come up with something but if there isn’t anything going inside the head, poor articles will be made and this will prompt the reader to look somewhere else.

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Another con in putting up a blog is when the individual is not careful in divulging too much personal info when blogging. This means the work is not done objectively which also damages one’s credibility as a blogger.

Blogging is easy. The person just needs to have the time and energy to make sure his posts are worth reading as much as possible.


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