Using Blogs as a Form of Viral Marketing

From online diaries to business promotional tools blogs have come a long way. As an online marketing device, corporate blogging has established itself as one of the norms.

However, if you’re talking about viral marketing, a blog does not have to be a corporate blog to qualify as an excellent candidate in pursuing this promotional method. Even personal blogs may have a pulsating viral marketing potential.

So, how do you actually make your blog a viral marketing vehicle? If you are a popular marketing guru you won’t have to lift a finger. Many other bloggers will surely link to just about any of the posts you publish as long as you have a following. Now if you’re just an average blogger who hasn’t carved yourself a name yet, how do you make viral marketing possible with your blog?

Here’s a set of how-to tips to make your blog, word-of-mouth-friendly:

1. Blog about viral stuff.

What is there to blog about if you keep on yakking about things that don’t matter like how your root canal pained you a lot. Unless you are telling them to avoid some dentist it’s just not very newsworthy.

How-to’s or walkthroughs or any info in “tips” format are more easy to appreciate and easy to comprehend, thus have more viral potential. If the idea that you blog about can’t be found anywhere else online, that’s good blog content.

2. Network like crazy.

If you have some good stuff going on in your blog, this might not seem very necessary. But if you want to increase your viral marketing results, networking for your blog is definitely required. Acquaint yourself with people or other bloggers who are also in the same field as yours. More than anyone else, these people will be the ones who will appreciate your blogging efforts.

3. Use social bookmarking sites.

Digg and and myspace popular bookmarking sites that improve the viral marketing potentials of blogs. If you post a linkworthy blog post, get them posted to those social bookmarking sites and if the readers from those sites find your post bookmarkable, you will be deliciously dugg (pun intended).

Those tips should arm you well enough on how to go about your viral marketing with your blog feat.


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