What is a Movable Type Blog – Blog Made Easy with a Great Authoring Tool

Blogging is one of the fastest growing activities in the world of the Internet today. More and more people have joined the blog bandwagon because it is fun, exciting, and potentially profitable. However many people are having a hard time with their blogging experience. Not all people have the skill to convert their creative juices on an Internet page. Luckily, people who are not yet so adept with blog writing are not left without help thanks to amazing tools that are now available. Among such tools is Movable Type. Now, there are hundreds of Movable Type Blogs out there, and if you have no idea what a Movable Type Blog is, here are some information that may be useful to you.

What is Movable Type?

Movable Type, or MT for short, is basically an online publishing program that helps people create blogs using a flexible and powerful platform. One great thing about Movable Type is that it is free for personal users, although commercial users would have to pay $150. But whether free or not, Movable type is a very handy tool that provides most of your blog publishing needs. Movable type provides an interface that is quite user friendly. It allows you to fully customize the appearance of your site without the necessary bulk like in other publishing software.

The system used of Movable Type is decentralized and web-based, which allows the ease of updating content regularly. However, to use the tool, you should know how to configure Perl/CGI scripts, have a working knowledge about File Transfer Protocol, and be able to set up a domain name with a web server or host. But setting aside the required skills for installing and operating Movable Type, you are left with a very powerful tool that would help you to set up your blog easily. Anyway, the user guide is comprehensive enough for you be able to know all you need in using Movable Type, plus, its strong network of support could provide you with just about anything to resolve the problems you might encounter.

How does Movable Type Work?

To create a Movable Type blog, you would first have to subscribe to a web host that allows running CGI scripts, the us of Perl (version 5.004_04 and up), and supports DB_File Perl or MySQL database. You then have to sign up for a domain or a sub-domain name, it does not matter whether it comes from a free or a paid service, so long as you would have your own URL. After wards you need to download the newest version of Movable Type or have it installed for a minimal fee (you would need to make use of an FTP client for this

When Movable Type is already installed, you would then log in using a default username and password to be given by Movable Type (for your protection, it is advised for you to change your login profile immediately). Once you get in, you would already have a pre-existing blog that you can access through the Main Menu. You can already add entries to this pre-created blog, and doing so is just as easy as adding comments or posts to a web forum. You have the option to remove this pre-existing blog and replace it with another one, or can just edit it to your taste, adding the necessary elements you would want your blog to have. You would soon notice, how easy it is to update and modify your blog. You should find this useful when you proceed about your blogging, as you regularly post and update entries for your site. Everything is done in a user-friendly, point-and-click interface.

Movable Type and Making Money Online

The capabilities that Movable Type blogs have make them ideal venues for earning money online. To make your site profitable, you would need to have it readily updateable. The most lucrative sites are those that are regularly renewed, and those that attract hoards of visitor everyday. This can be made possible by using Movable Type.

There is no telling how far blogging would go, but looking at how fast it is becoming popular nowadays, the possibilities are bound to be endless. If you are still having difficulty making blogs, then you might benefit from Movable Type. With this great tool, you blogging experience can be fun, quick, and easy.


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