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4 Top Blogging Tools: Which is Which?

Back when, blogs were just online journals that teeny-boppers use to air their daily angst. Now, blogging has also captivated the world of business promotion. Presenting one’s products or services has never been more easy and creative through blogging. A plethora of blog applications are ready for the taking. Some are offered for free while some will cost you some moolah. Get an idea of what these various blogging tools have to offer before you jump in the blogging bandwagon for any reason that prompts you to do so.

Kinds of Blogging Software

Learn about these blog applications that are either free or paid or both. Know which is tailored to cater to your needs or your business’ needs:


This blog is available in free and hosted variety. Blogger or Blogspot, which was recently modified by Google, is one of the oldest blog platforms around. Newbies in the world of blogging can benefit greatly from Blogger’s easy-to-use formats. The drawback of this tool is it can’t be easily customized. Knowledge of CSS and HTML is required before you can effectively re-arrange your blog site.


Intermediate to advance bloggers will definitely benefit from the many features of WordPress. It is one of the well-upgraded blogging platforms with all the plug-ins and user-friendly interface it boasts about. One can either avail of its free version or its paid hosting type. User support is excellent with WordPress. Also, with the hundreds of WordPress themes for various versions, one can easily find a new blog face that can be easily customized and that will suit one’s mood and business theme.

Movable Type

Six Apart’s Movable Type is one of the most popular blog publishing applications. However, this is for the more advanced types of bloggers as the customization of this platform is rather more difficult compared to other blog tools.

Expression Engine

pMachine’s Expression Engine is relatively unheard of. But its users label it as one of the most versatile blog tools around. Besides the usual functions and features of a blog application, Expression Engine also includes modules that organize mailing lists and image galleries. With Expression Engine, image editing while blogging is made possible.

With blogging, online promotion of various businesses and endeavors has become more facilitated. It is imperative that one explores his options on which blogging tool to use to enjoy more this privilege.


Blogging Gurus Every Aspiring Blogger Should Learn From

Yeah sure! You’ve had enough of Blogging 101’s and other Blogging for Noobs reads. You already know what blog platform to choose, how often to post, what blog accessories or plug-ins to integrate to your blog, and what niche exactly you would like to talk about. You’re about to start blogging away. Actually, you have already started posting your pillar articles for your niche blog.

But you feel that there’s something missing. You want to learn from an expert what those dozens of PDF e-books on blogging can’t teach you. So, yeah, you want to know more about the blogging gurus that can help walk you through a more fulfilling blogging experience. Then, hear ye, here are some of the most talk of the town, er blogosphere, pros of blogging in their most celebrated fields:

Business Blogging Gurus

Andy Wibbels who claims himself to be the original blogging evangelist has developed many teleclasses and even a book on how to go about blogging to promote a business. He even collaborated with other media bloggers to augment his blogging pro status and endeavors.

Matt Cutts and Robert Scoble are two successful corporate blogging experts, Matt Cutts is from Google while Scoble is from Microsoft. They’re two of the most well-known bloggers of the companies that hire them.

Yaro Starak is a self-employed pioneer of entrepreneurial blogging through his Entrepreneur’s Journey Blog. He also created an online tutorial on how to build traffic for your blog and is also currently co-blogging with other business bloggers with his Small Business Branding blog.

Seth Godin is also another marketing expert blogger with his Typepad blog. He is also a published writer of marketing books.

Personality Development Blogging Gurus

Steve Pavlina who claims to be a happily jobless and purpose driven individual is one of blog celebs in the field of personality development. If you go visit his blog, you’ll find innumerable enlightening blog posts on every personality development topic imaginable, e.g., self-discipline, becoming an early riser, productivity, reasons why should not get a job, self-acceptance, etc.

Blog Monetization Guru

Problogger coiner Darren Rowse is one of the pioneers of blogging for income. With his problogger web log he teaches many people on how earn some extra or even a decent income from maintaining blog/s.

Choose from the abovementioned bloggers whose footsteps you want to follow. Or you can also become one unique and successful blogger by getting established in your own turf. Good luck!

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Blogging Ethics for the Responsible Blogger

Although there is no clear cut Code of Ethics for online blogging, the responsibility to post ethical entries and dialogues still hold. The Weblog community, as an influential and reliable group of writers, must at all times maintain the decency of all their blogs and their corresponding published entries.

CyberJournalist.net, in an attempt to spread an ethical code accepted and followed by all bloggers, modified the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics to reflect the following for online blogging:

– Be Honest and Fair

Simply put, this implores bloggers to ensure that all the information they are posting are accurate. The facts should be well presented (without distorting its real context) and all pertinent links should be stated. In cases when the authenticity and correctness of the information is doubtful, it is imperative to inform the reader. If photos are included in the post, put captions to explain their meaning and relevance. Never take opinions and post them as facts.

This also covers the blogger’s conscientiousness in guarding that their, and other people’s work, are free from plagiarism.

– Minimize Harm

Practice care when mentioning names and events. If your entry is discussing a rather controversial topic or person, be careful with what you are saying. Always consider the affected party’s possible reaction and strive to dampen the blow, if not to eliminate it.

A person’s privacy should always be held in high esteem. Using the quest for information and the truth to barge into other people’s private business is in bad taste.

Work to showcase compassion and empathy to any individual you are writing about who is affected by grief and misfortune.

– Be Accountable

Take charge of the consequences of your publishing. If you have made a mistake, accept it and work immediately to resolve any conflict it might have caused. Own your entries and any reaction they may invoke.

If people have questions about your information, promote a healthy discussion and be open to other ideas. The new learning you might discover may ultimately lead to the improvement of your data.

Every person has their own measure of what is ethical and what is not. The above list may not cover everything that a blogger should maintain to effect the integrity of the blogging population. It is important to note, however, that ethical is primarily a question of how others are treated and affected by our actions. Therefore, the subjects of any blog entry should be given respect and portrayed in the most objective light as possible at all times.

Basic Blogging Tips for the New Blogger

A blog is an online publication of thoughts, opinions, and commentaries of the blogger. The blogger, on the other hand, is the person who maintains and posts entries in the blog. It is currently the hottest trend in online communication, as nearly everyone has read, commented on, or written a post.

An internet savvy individual may have no problem navigating the interesting and intriguing world of blogging. A cyber space novice, on the other hand, may require some steering directions. Below are some helpful tips for the new blogger in setting up their brand spankin’ new territory in the world wide web.

1. What type of blog do you want

There are basically 4 blog types. One is the most basic of all blogs where only texts are posted. Another one is the photoblog, where text is combined with pictures (the blogger gives more importance to the photographs rather than his textual message). One more type is the vlog, where online videos are the main media for communication. A popular site for vloggers is YouTube.Com. Lastly, we have the podcast. The podcast is an audio blog where the blogger actually speaks and saves his entry in a downloadable format, rather than in writing down his thoughts. Or a combination of two, three or all of those types of blogs.

2. Know the parts of your blog

Each entry customarily consists of the title, the body, and the post date. It helps your reader if they can follow a certain pattern (by title, by date, by category) in reading your blog entries. The presentation becomes much more organized and inviting to read.

3. Create a theme

Although blogging boasts of letting loose a person’s creativity, it does not hurt to establish a certain topic or niche for your blog. It may be about travel, current events, movie reviews, or whatever you may like. The important thing is to stick to your topic to assist your readers in understanding and following your blog as a whole.

Most readers prefer to search and read about a particular blog that talks about a topic that they are interested in.

4. Watch your words

Your blog is your own. You have the power to say whatever you want. However, it is important to keep in mind that publishing it online gives access to just about everybody to read it. Because of that, in cases where you are touching a sensitive or controversial topic, it is still best to exercise prudence and precaution. Be careful of what you are posting about other people and other things.

Blogging is the newest way of linking people together. With consideration and responsibility, it is not far off that it will be the most powerful tool in human communication.

So have fun and keep those creative juices running. Blog away!