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Small Business Blog Tips That Can Make A Big Difference.

Blogs have revolutionized the way that people do business. It seems that all the big companies are making use of blogs to promote themselves and market their products. However, corporate blogs aren’t just for big companies. Blogs can also be utilized by small businesses with great effect.

Setting up a small business blog is easy and has many benefits. They are powerful promotional tools and a great way to communicate with clients.

Here are some tips on using a small business blog:

1. Write Naturally and Honestly

Small business blogs can be more personal than large corporate blogs. It’s best to write in way that feels natural to you. Avoid writing needlessly complex posts filled with technical jargon. Doing so will endear customers and promote conversation, which is what a blog is for, after all.

As with any blog, you must always tell the truth. Blogs should address all issues, be it good or bad. This will ultimately beneficial as it helps builds trust the customers.

2. Post often and Respond to Comments

Remember to post frequently. Provide readers with plenty of content, so that they will keep coming back to your blog.

Comments are a vital part of blogs, providing useful feedback. Respond to reader comments often to build strong ties between them and your company.

3. Promote your business, Promote yourself

A small business blog is an innovative way to promote a business.

A good technique is to document your projects. This is good way to show how capable you are at your profession and to garner trust. This is especially important with small business, where reputations can make a big difference.

Blogs allow for unparalleled interaction with customers. Use this to get closer to clients, and to build bonds of trust. The information gained from readers is invaluable for improving your small business.

4. Be Informed and Informative

Read plenty of other blogs to gain useful information. Post comments and promote your own blog. Be an active part of the blogosphere.

Post links of related information on your blog, and use technology like RSS/Atom feeds to constantly provide your blog with interesting content. This is a great way to promote your business and be informed of everything concerning you industry. Besides informing your readers, it can lead to interaction and possible collaborations with other businesses, all of which will benefit a small business.

5. Search Engines

For those who wish to achieve higher search engine rankings, a blog can be an invaluable asset. The constant updating combined with the right keywords can raise search engine results dramatically.


The Secrets of Successful Business Blogging

Anyone can make a blog. But in order to be competitive in this industry, here are a few things people should know.

Before putting up the website, the person must answer this simple question. Who is the target market? By working on that, individual will be able to focus on something that people will really look at.

When that has been done, its time to come up with catchy name. If the creator wants to focus on automobiles then one should think of something related to it. Should this be associated with something else and bears no resemblance to the site, not only will it confuse the audience but also destroy any credibility the person will have.

Using a template available from various websites can make this happen. Those who something original should enlist the help of a computer programmer. Regardless where it came from, this should be checked over and over again to make sure no glitches or screw-ups happen when customers are visiting the site.

Once the blog site is operational, a good host or application should be found to back this up. This will help introduce the product or service one is offering into the market. The entrepreneur can do this without tying up with anyone but this could take a longer time to get established in the business.

The person can submit ads to software developers to feature the blog. There is usually a small fee for maintenance costs so those who don’t have that much money can still achieve this by becoming an affiliate or through the use of text links.

The entrepreneur should have an efficient delivery system to make sure this gets to the customer. It is also advisable to have a customer service hotline ready in the event that the buyer has encountered problems or is not happy with the product.

The most important thing in a website aside from the existing products or images are regular updates. Unless the person diversifies or offers new things, other competitors will just take over the market. This can be avoided by providing excellent service and good quality merchandise at reasonable rates.

The individual doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist or some expert in computer programming to be able to successfully do business through blogging. The user should just work out on some details then find the proper way to advertise it so that traffic can be established and money will start coming in.

The Blog Business: How to Succeed with a Blog Network

It took you long, sleepless days of non-stop work to get your blog up and running. In your opinion, it’s a hit – with its nice, edgy design and your read-worthy entries, it’s got what every blog surfer could ask for. You’ve even set up ads on your blog, in the hopes that it will make you some extra money.

Unfortunately, after a week or so, you realize that your blog is not getting a lot of visitors…

It might have to do with the fact that not a lot of people know about it to begin with – the only advertising that you’ve done for your blog is to post a few messages on your member forums, announcing that you have set up your official home on the web. Your posts might have invited a few internet surfers to click on over to your site, but you don’t think it’s enough, and that your blog deserves much more visitors than it is currently receiving.

The answer to your desire for increased blog traffic is in blog networks.

Simply put, a blog network is a wide number of different blogs, made by different individuals, that are linked together under one group. The usual purpose of teaming up with other blogs is so that the team’s or network’s member blogs are able to share the traffic among their blogs. When you sign up for a blog network, you are almost 100% assured that the traffic in your blog will increase.

From another perspective, a blog network is really a marketing tool for blogs, which allows blog authors to cross-promote each other. With the technology behind blogs, it’s easy to “endorse” another person’s blog, and vice versa – a simple comment or shout-out on a blog can be a starting point of cross-promotion deals, in which the blog’s author and the blog’s visitor can decide to provide a link of each other’s blogs on their own corresponding sites. Blog networks are made out of these activities.

How do you succeed with a Blog Network? First, you must look for a blog network whose member blogs have the same content or interests as yours. This way, you’ll know that the traffic you will get from these blogs are readers who are most likely interested in what you’re posting. The next thing to do is to make friends. See, the bottom line in succeeding with a blog network is that it is much like succeeding in your social networks: you must be able to let other blogs put in a good word for your blog. A simple concept, but definitely not as simple to pull off.

Major Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Business Blog

Blogs abound like daisies. Business blogs are becoming primary market norms for every aspiring online business mogul. But what separates a good business blog from a bad one? Simple. Good business blogs have traffic in them. No matter how lovely and unique your business proposal is, if it can’t be read, it is useless.

One of the good ways to build blog traffic for business use is to link up. Linking with other websites, forums and people who are related to the cause of your business blog can do wonders. They can contain tens, hundreds or thousands more contacts as you, especially if you are just beginning in the field. Besides, they can provide good insight on how to further improve on your business blogging craft.

Forums are useful avenues for you to promote your business blog. Participating in these forums and merely putting the links in your signatures (if allowed, so you must read forum rules!) increases the likelihood of visit even just for curiosity’s sake.

Feedbacks are also important. Each visitor must be encouraged to give their feedbacks on your business blog, as well a link enabling them to tell their friends about the website. This is part and parcel of viral marketing, which made many popular websites today as successful as they are now.

Another thing to consider is content. The content must be highly relevant for it to rank high in search engines. Employing the help of search engine optimization agents can work wonders in increasing the visits to your website.

Blog directories are also useful. If you could get your hands on a good one which promotes the topic of your business blog, do so. These blog directories promote blogs by the dozen, depending on categories, topics and content.

Commenting on key websites can also help you build your business blog’s traffic. Comment in a way which sparks more interest. And be genuinely interested in the websites you’re commenting on, especially if you don’t want readers to think that you are just commenting to build traffic (something you must really avoid!).

Encouraging your visitors to bookmark your page is also a good way to build traffic to your business blog. While it’s true that typical users rarely use bookmarks, you are more likely to be revisited if they have stored your links in one way or another.

Lastly, employing media help and constant updates help keep your business blog up to date and on top of things.

Blogging and Business: Going Beyond Online Diary

Here are reasons why entrepreneurs should start thinking about creating a blog.

1. Low-cost to absolutely-Free. Yes, the software and web hosting is free. There is Xanga, Blogger, WordPress, b2Evolution and Blog-city to name a few. Plus you get your own business name right at the front compared to other free web hosting. By having a businessname.free-host.com site name gives you more chances of getting a search hit than having your business name after the web host company. For images, other sites offer uploads such as Flickr, Imageshack and Photobucket.

These images can be linked to your blog to save on bandwidth. For a very minimal annual fee, you can upload files and change the template of your website. In addition, deleting a blog is easy (with no commitment to the web hosting company) if you’re working on a temporary website as an ad-hoc solution of your company.

2. Online Marketing Tools at your fingertips. You can create an analysis of how many people viewed your site and who left a message in the comments and shout box. Plus, you can create a survey by using online polls. B2Evolution offers free plug-ins such as Mini Stats, Multi-lingual capabilities and online registration.

3. Customize. Some web hosting offer free customization features to make your blog interactive. Let’s say you wish to publish a book and wanted publishers to see samples of your work. Blogger offers a step by step process on how to customize your blog to make that online-book-feel without hiring a web designer!

4. Networking. Armed with a website to market your service or product, you can now easily join online communities you’ve ever wanted. Joining affiliations or online organizations will boost customer awareness, your site’s traffic and increase the chances of your site making it to the first page of let’s say, a Google search engine.

Going beyond the typical online diary concept of blogging, larger companies use business blogs as a feedback tool and knowledge sharing for customers and employees. If not for a small fee, a blog is offered for free. Thus, small or even start-up companies can use blogs to gain media exposure in the internet. Or create market interest in Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

So what are you waiting for? Starting a blog is very easy. It’s as simple as sending an email to a customer. It is no wonder business blogging is taking the business community by storm.