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Successful Corporate Blogging Unveiled

If you have been running a company that’s striving to get a decent online presence, you don’t need much introduction on what’s-what of corporate blogging. But if you do, then you must have been hibernating in a cave for quite a long time!

Corporate blogging is as simple as an employee or an outsourced blogger journaling about the company he or she works for. However, this marketing method is not as easy as it sounds.

Fortune 100 companies also have already taken notice of this corporate blogging trend. One Jupiter Research even discovered that innumerable bigtime companies are about to set up shop with their corporate blogs in the next six months.

If you publish a business blog about your company, that blog will reap search engine visibility. Such search engine visibility will lead to good search engine ranks if one learns the how-to’s of good business blogging.

Here are some pointers for you to avoid groping in the dark while doing your corporate blogging:

1. Be familiar with your prospective readers.

You don’t put up a corporate blog that will be read and is supposed to be appreciated by everyone who gets to reach your blog. Identify your potential audience and learn what makes them tick. If your company offers toys, you don’t blog like a mumbling 3 year old who’s not even able to read yet. Through your business blog, you talk to toy dealers who might be interested in selling your products and parents who want to keep their kids happy and safe.

2. Be wise on who to hire.

If you’re not a prolific writer or you simply don’t have the time to write, don’t fret. Corporate bloggers for hire abound. However, you don’t just hire anyone who comes your way. Get a background check of your prospect corporate blogger. You don’t want to lose the credibility of your company because you hired a less-than credible corporate blogger, right? Hire one with sheer passion with whatever service, product or field that your company offers or deals with.

3. Cooperate with your corporate blogger.

Make sure that you coordinate with your blog’s author on what content he or she should provide. Content that can’t be found anywhere else is the secret to keep your readers coming back for more. Ask your blogger to be in the know with the latest info that’s relevant with your company’s services or products. However, let your blogger’s personality shine through while providing content for your business blog. This is what makes readers love reading blogs. The author’s persona becomes magnetic.

An interesting blogger who knows how to highlight your company’s endeavors is what should help you breeze through corporate blogging.


Tips To Make Your Corporate Blog A Success

Blogs are no longer limited to personal use. Many corporations have caught on to the blogging craze. They have discovered corporate blogs to be powerful marketing tools. This has led to a need for skilled corporate bloggers.

Here are some tips for those who wish to become successful corporate bloggers.

– Practice Professionalism

Writing a corporate blog is different from writing a personal journal. Certain etiquette must be practiced.

Think carefully before posting. Be careful not to offend customers.

It’s okay to mention rival companies when needed but don’t slander them. Don’t be afraid to address controversial issues, but do so with tact.

Remember, a corporate blogger, and everything that they write, represents their company.

– Honesty is the Best Policy

Always tell the truth. Everything that a corporate blogger writes reflects heavily on the company that they represent. Getting caught in a lie can have tremendous ramifications on the company. If you make a mistake, don’t be afraid to admit it, and promise to do better.

Be open about all things, good and bad. Sincerity goes a long way in gaining a customer’s trust and that feeling will pass onto the company.

– Be at One Mind with Your Employer

While it’s important to express the company’s thoughts and ideas, a manager must be able to trust their corporate blogger not to post something stupid.

Revealing confidential information is a fast way to lose your job, although, some companies might actually want you to leak corporate “secrets”, as a means of promotion.

Know what your employer wants of you and implement it.

– Corporate Blogging and Public Relations

Blogs have changed the way that companies relate with customers. A blogger would do well to foster these relations by responding to comments. After all, blogging is all about interaction.

Don’t be afraid of negative feedback; this information can be useful in the long run. Criticism encourages conversation, and will make a blog more interesting.

– Be Aware Of World Around You

Keep up with all the happenings in the blogospere by visiting other blogs. This will give precious insight on important issues to discuss on your blog.

It’s also a good idea to leave comments on other blogs and is a great way to promote your own.

Don’t try to tie down readers to your blog. Provide plenty of relevant links and use various feeds to constantly provide new content to your blog.

Above all is a successful corporate blogger should always keep their readers in mind. Don’t bore your readers with endless corporate lingo. Provide interesting and relevant content that will engage and inform.