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The Skinny on Video Blogging

Blogs from being simple online journals to business tools have touched many sectors in the online community. Now, with them helping online marketers reach new levels, another form of blogging has surfaced – video blogging.

An Intro to Vlogging

It was in 2005, when the Yahoo! Video Blogging community has surged dramatically in number that commenced the popularity of video blogging. What was theoretically known as what have influenced the trend in video blogging is the increase in number of the products that facilitate this new form of blogging – the iPods. Apple Computer produced these iPods as portable media players, which can play both audio and video files.

A video blog also known as a “vlog” contains video clips. Usually, video bloggers or vloggers update their vlogs with video content in a reverse chronological arrangement. The usual setup of a video blog include a link to a video, images, and some supporting texts and other data.

Why Vlog?

Vloggers have various reasons on what prompt them to engage into video blogging. It may be a form of self-expression and to harness one’s creativity; it may be a way to utilize to promote one’s services or products; it could be a way to document certain procedures or events; it could also be one’s method of communicating education or a means to get in touch with family, relatives, friends clients and business partners.

One concrete practical use of vlogging to propagate one’s business is that of a real estate agent. To update potential clients in terms of the condition of the real estate’s development, a video blog entry that showcases the property will be of just great help. No face-to-face meeting is required; time, energy and gas saved, right?

Equipment to Get You Started with Vlogging

Here are the types of equipment required to come up with a video blog:

– A computer with a broadband Internet connection or at least a high-speed dialup connection will facilitate the uploading and downloading of the video clips. A computer with minimum of 1.0 GHz processor, 512 RAM memory, and an approximate of 40 gigs of hard drive space will do it.

– A video camera, a web cam, or a digicam with video shooting abilities or just about any multi-media device for capturing your videos, even a cellphone with that feature will do.

– A software for editing your videos before posting it in your video blog through Internet connection is also required. Free video editing software abound. One can also search for websites that offer this service for free.

With those devices and a little creativity, you’ll easily get the hang of the vlogging technology. Have fun!