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A Beginner’s Guide to the Top 5 Best Blogging Software

The meteoric rise in popularity of blogs has subsequently led to the advent of several blogging software tools to arm the would be blogger. With all the blogging software available, it can be difficult to choose, especially for newcomers to the blogosphere.

In truth, there is no one blog software to rule them. There are several good blog tools that offer a wide variety of features. The secret is to choose one that best suits the needs of the blogger.

Some blogging software are more user-friendly, simple to pick up and use. Others might prefer blogging software that offers more features like RSS/Atom feeds, ping, and trackbacks.

Blogging doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Some of the best blogging software are free or very cheap.

Here’s 5 of the best blogging software tools:

1. Blogger.com

One of the earliest and most popular blogging tools around. This free blogging tool is quick and easy to set-up and run.

It offers free basic hosting with Blogspot, though it does allow content to be transferred to other web sites using FTP. With it’s simple interface and a large array of features, Blogger.com is great, especially for newcomers.

2. LiveJournal

Another good blog for beginners. Like the name suggests, LiveJournal is geared towards those who wish for a more personal diary or journal styled blog.

LiveJournal has a great community and supports this with features like friends lists and personal profiles.

A downside is that Livejounal is limited in terms of customization compared with other blog tools.

3. Multiply

Multiply focuses more on the social networking aspect. It’s a fun way to keep in touch with people. It features photo blogging and other nice touches.

It’s mostly free, with some added features available for paying members.

4. WordPress

One of best blogging software tools for personal and commercial use. WordPress needs to be installed on a server. This can usually be done within 5 minutes.

WordPress allows lots of flexibility in regards to presentation and usage. It has a great interface, lots of built-in features, and being open source, easily expandable.

It’s one of the best supported blog platforms with lots of available plugins for added features, with more constantly being developed.

Best of all it’s completely free.

5. Movable Type

One of the most powerful blogging tools available, Movable Type is full of features, allowing full control over the blog.

Installing MT might be difficult for those without the technical know-how but many hosting services are offering MT pre-installed for a fee.

There’s a free limited version of MT with more license options available for varying fees.


Guide to Choosing Your Free Blogging Software

Blogs are the in thing these days! You can’t expect to make online negotiations without a blog or something you can consider to be your virtual home of thoughts. However, the real premium ones are expensive and not everyone earns the money to afford them.

In comes free blogging software, or websites which allow free hosting for your thoughts and aid you in building traffic. Now it does not have to be a privilege for a chosen few, but as normal as one can have his or her own email address.

There are a lot of free blogging software available online but how do you choose the one which is perfect for your blogging needs and preferences?

A good way is to check your computer leverage and skill. Blogging isn’t just about typing words.

You also need to have some skill on design. Some sites allow HTML experts to express themselves further. These are exciting sites to try out, but if you are a blogging newbie with no idea whatsoever, it is best to stick to the basics and get blogging softwares which don’t have to modify templates or what-have-yous just to be able to make a presentable blog.

Also, check on the blog samples that each blogging software community can provide. You might find yourself more easily having a niche if you can relate to the other members of that blogging software community. So much the better if you already have friends who use the same blogging software, which directly leads me to the next point.

Friend recommendations are the best. You can find happy blogger among your friends and ask them what their respective blogging softwares have to offer. If they are all using the same blogging software, it would be most apt and practical to follow suit and have instant blog traffic coming your way.

Some sites capitalize on community-based entries, some on freedom in expressing one’s self by words and design. Still, others are quite difficult to navigate but are most appealing due to their non-mainstream quality. Finding that perfect blogging software is just like finding the right shampoo for your hair. One software may not exactly work for you as well as it had worked with others.

Trial and error is the best. These software materials are free and you could register to all of them and give them a try. Hands-on experience is way better than what your friends recommend. Eventually, when you have to make your selection, you will not regret not having tried the others.