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4 Top Blogging Tools: Which is Which?

Back when, blogs were just online journals that teeny-boppers use to air their daily angst. Now, blogging has also captivated the world of business promotion. Presenting one’s products or services has never been more easy and creative through blogging. A plethora of blog applications are ready for the taking. Some are offered for free while some will cost you some moolah. Get an idea of what these various blogging tools have to offer before you jump in the blogging bandwagon for any reason that prompts you to do so.

Kinds of Blogging Software

Learn about these blog applications that are either free or paid or both. Know which is tailored to cater to your needs or your business’ needs:


This blog is available in free and hosted variety. Blogger or Blogspot, which was recently modified by Google, is one of the oldest blog platforms around. Newbies in the world of blogging can benefit greatly from Blogger’s easy-to-use formats. The drawback of this tool is it can’t be easily customized. Knowledge of CSS and HTML is required before you can effectively re-arrange your blog site.


Intermediate to advance bloggers will definitely benefit from the many features of WordPress. It is one of the well-upgraded blogging platforms with all the plug-ins and user-friendly interface it boasts about. One can either avail of its free version or its paid hosting type. User support is excellent with WordPress. Also, with the hundreds of WordPress themes for various versions, one can easily find a new blog face that can be easily customized and that will suit one’s mood and business theme.

Movable Type

Six Apart’s Movable Type is one of the most popular blog publishing applications. However, this is for the more advanced types of bloggers as the customization of this platform is rather more difficult compared to other blog tools.

Expression Engine

pMachine’s Expression Engine is relatively unheard of. But its users label it as one of the most versatile blog tools around. Besides the usual functions and features of a blog application, Expression Engine also includes modules that organize mailing lists and image galleries. With Expression Engine, image editing while blogging is made possible.

With blogging, online promotion of various businesses and endeavors has become more facilitated. It is imperative that one explores his options on which blogging tool to use to enjoy more this privilege.


What is WordPress? – Blogging Made Fun, Fast, and Easy

There is absolutely no reason to deny the fact that blogging one of the most popular activities in the world today. Just a decade ago, posting your diary online was considered insane, but now it is clearly becoming the craze among today’s overwhelming population of netizens. Not only have people discovered blogging to be a fun way of releasing and expressing oneself to the world, many enterprising individuals have also found it a way to earn some extra income.

With such great offerings from a simple activity, there is no wonder how blogging is rapidly becoming widespread. However, while some people find blabbing about their lives as easy as breathing, the greater majority still finds it quite difficult to create and maintain their blogs. Designing blogs can be a difficult endeavor, especially for the newbies. Luckily, blog making woes can easily be resolved through the help of WordPress.

What WordPress Is

WordPress is basically a publishing program that is designed to enhance the jobs of bloggers. It speeds up the blog writing process by providing a wide array of tools that makes the creation of blogs easier than it usually is. WordPress is a very powerful platform for personal publishing. Not only does it make the process of blog designing easy, it also helps one make blog quite appealing and attractive.

WordPress is software and not a blog hosting service per se. Thus, WordPress can be used on practically any web hosting service, making it very flexible for its many users. Indeed, WordPress does have its own hosting service, which is WordPress.com, but many bloggers use the platform with other hosts because it is found to be very reliable, compliant to most existing standards, quick, light, and best of all free.

What Else Makes WordPress So Great?

WordPress can be used practically anywhere, in terms of blog designing. It is designed to be locally installed in whatever location a user prefers, whether in one’s own server, or in a hosting account. This allows one to have complete control with one’s blog. This makes it quite different from services hosted by third parties. WordPress can even be installed in one’s desktop or even on a company Intranet. Thus, the benefit of blogging could be extended to many places.

WordPress also provides for an effective and reliable user management. This allows a blog owner to control the access levels of different users. A blog owner can control the ability of users to make changes in the blog. Users are also given the ability to define their profiles for them to post certain information they would want to post as users of a blog. This helps in establishing a good line of communication between blog owners and users.

WordPress is very much compliant to industry standards, particularly UTC (Universal Coordinated Time), which provides for optimal compatibility to and with other systems. The UTC compliance also allows accurate storage of time-related items for one’s database, making it quite easy to track when things are posted, or how long they have been posted, whatever the time zones involved are. This is necessary for synchronization among users in various locations worldwide.

WordPress is also very easy to install of upgrade. Its 5-minute installation is quite a famous manifestation of the software’s straightforwardness and user-friendliness. Upgrades are made regularly, and are just as easy, if not even easier, as the installation process.

What Makes WordPress a Useful Tool for Making Money Online?

The features of WordPress make it an indispensable tool for online moneymaking activities. When using a blog as a means of earning income, one needs a platform that makes designing and updating pages quick and easy. And this is exactly what WordPress does. The fast page creation it facilitates is very much needed in keeping those profitable pages easy to renew on a regular basis. WordPress’ compliance to universal standards also makes it easier for online entrepreneurs to reach all target markets, allowing for maximum profitability of the site. Since WordPress can be installed practically anywhere, there would be no location-related problems for the Internet marketing site.

There are several other useful features that WordPress can offer. Bloggers can surely benefit from this remarkable instrument for any purpose that they would need for their blogs whether it be for profit or just for plain online enjoyment. WordPress can truly make blogging fun, fast, and easy.

Connecting with people the 21st century way!

Making Connections

Making Connections

Making connections with like minded people, networking with people who have similar interests. Sharing information that benefits people in some way. This is what “Blogging” is all about. The true nature of the Blog is to make connections, have discussions and share personal opinions that would be very difficult or even impossible to do in any other way.

WordPress is an ideal place to blog to people with similar interests, or perhaps even people who are searching for another point of view!

Other ways to communicate ideas might be through Twitter and Facebook two extremely popular social networks. Millions of people connect this way. Mostly they just connect with direct friends and family, but these are also excellent ways to connect with people from all around the world! People who, under other circumstances, you would probably never meet or be able to communicate ideas with!

The 21st century is certainly an exciting time to be alive, with amazing possibilities and opportunities the like of which have never been dreamed possible by previous generations of ordinary people!

Welcome to my Blog. Please connect with me, that is why we are here! 🙂


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